The world of Sovanni is a slightly misleading name, as there are in fact three distinct planetoids that make up this world. The first to be populated was Phaehal, the others are named Ossteria and Bien'tec.

Although each of the worlds is linked to both others, the civilizations, races and challenges upon each are unique - so many similarities exist, however, that each world feels more like a remote part of the same planet rather than an entirely separate planetoid.

The linking is possible only because of vast magitech constructs called Ark Gates. These Gates stand several hundred feet tall, and over a hundress feet across - easily capable of admitting even the largest of Titans. Tapping into the vast latent energy deep within the planetoids, the Gates remain constantly open, and both sides are staffed by inhabitants of all three worlds, drawn from the varied nations and races across them - indeed, each of the Gate sites is considered neutral ground, as decreed and enfored by the entire pantheon of immortals themselves. More than once an aspiring warlord has siezed one of the Gates in an attempt to levy heavy taxes on travellers, only to be swiftly eliminated by one of another of the immortals servants. It is rumoured that if a truly powerful party were to sieze a Gate, then the immortals themselves would decend upon the worlds they created to mete out swift justice.

The energyfield that the Ark Gates tap into is still a mystery, even to the wisest of scholars amongst the worlds - perhaps even to the immortals themselves. Certainly, if they know, they have not yet been willing to share their knowledge with their faithful, despite numerous attempts. It is mayhaps fortunate that the true source remain unknown, for ths abundant energy fortifies and strengthens each and every lifeform living on or within the planetoids - so much so, that even a common farmer from Sovanni would be regarded as a minor immortal on other worlds. Of course, there are always those that delve to uncover the hidden secrets - dwarves and other subterreanan folk have tunnelled deep into the crust of all three worlds with no avail, scholars and mages have plumbed the depths of the planes and time itself and returned gibbering incoherently, forever broken in mind and often body.

Given the amount of loose energy floating around the Tri-Worlds, it is no surprise that magic is commonplace. In fact, not only do the traditional forms of Arcane and Divine magic of other realms exist and thrive, but the normally obscure forms also thrive - Psionics, Incarnum, and other practises. Despite this overabundance of magic, there are strong martial traditions upon each of the Tri-Worlds - some even going so far as to pair their martial prowess with some form of magical practise in a formidable combination of spell and steel.

Religion is widespread on the Tri-Worlds - it is difficult to disbelieve in the immortals when they regularly walk amongst their faithful. Despite this, the Tritheon do not overly interfere in the lives of their more mortal followers - ordinarily, each immortal holds a tribunal of sorts, normally once each season, during which their followers can approach and ask for mediation or advice. On the rare occasion that an immortal 'goes rogue', s/he is swiftly brought back into the fold by the other immortals.


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