A smol update has appeared!

Henlo frens! Just a smol update for now – I am working on a bigger, Trunks Talks piece (It’s only been WIP for about 4 months now…), but I need to get this smaller part out there soonest.

First off, I want to apologise to regular viewers for my inconsistant and infrequent streaming over the past few months. No excuses, reasoning will be clearer when I can break through this writers block and post up the big update.

Secondly, I’ve come to the conclusion that, for the moment, I can handle three streams per week at maximum. While I’d love to stream more than that, I just don’t currently have the mental stability or consistency in routine to do so.

And so, starting from today (May 25th), I will be streaming three days a week – Tuesday, Thurday and Sunday. I am planning for each stream to be 4 hours long, with the Tueday and Thursday streams covering 2 games with a 5-ish minute break between, and the Sunday stream being dedicated to a larger, longer-form game.

I don’t have a fancy graphic prepared for this, sorry, but the schedule as intended will be:

Tuesday: 6PM – 8PM, Magic the Gathering: Arena. 8(ish)PM – 10PM, Base builder\Survival game (Minecraft Dungeons initially)
Thursday: 6PM – 8PM, Magic the Gathering: Arena. 8(ish)PM – 10PM, 4x\Strategy game (Civilization 6 initially)
Sunday: 8PM – 12PM, ‘Big’ game (DOOM Eternal initially, Final Fantasy 7 Remake when finished)

Hit the Deck is something that both Vaygrim and I are keen to continue\revive, but will be scheduled on a more ad-hoc basis depending on availability, at least until the current pandemic is over and things settle down. The other MtG slot will be filled by a new segment
called “The Weekly Grind” which, well, is basically what it sounds like: I’m determined to hit Mythic one of these seasons, and this will be dedicated on-stream time to do so. I’ll be playing off-stream too, but I wanted to bring y’all along on at least some of the ride!

As always, I may change things from time to time for the good of my mental health (or because a new game comes out that I want to cover!) and I will provide updates via Twitter (@Trunks9809).

Thats all from me for the moment, happy gaming and stay safe y’all <3
– Trunks

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