Whats up! I’m Trunks9809, and this is my website (Kinda obvious I know. Sorry about that!)

Here you’ll find links to my Twitter, so you can keep up to date with general goings on, my Github, incase you wanna check out what my latest code project is, and my email address, if that’s how you wanna roll. You’ll also find links to a pair of Discord communities that I’m an active part of: Ciprania, a lovely tight-nit community of gamers, crafters, and generally awesome people, and The League of Ordinary Gamers, a place for those of us who think normal is hard enough, thanks very much. Please feel free to drop by either (or both!) and say hi!

Lastly, theres also my schedule on the Events tab, and various musings and ramblings on the Posts tab. My calendar (should) be up to date and let you know which content is release on what day, and also whether I’m livestreaming or not. Check back often to see whats new and whats coming soon!

As always, if you have any comment, questions or just want to hang out, check out Twitter or Discord to find me, and cheers till next time!